Here are a few things

Have you ever been stucked with what to include in your landing pages?

Have you been assigned to create these beautiful and conversion-optimized landing pages by your clients and boss?

Are you struggling to find out what’s the best content marketing tool to include in your lead generation campaigns?

I’ve created most of my lead generation and landing pages using tools like LeadPages (full guide) and Thrive Themes (read this review) for responsive design and awesome graphics.

Here’s my quick answer if you answered YES to any of these questions: You need a proven framework to get started. And this is where today’s article can help you do just that.

One of the biggest struggles that I’ve seen for lead generation campaigns is that it’s difficult to find out what’s the best content to put out there. You may have look at what your competitors are doing, but sometimes it’s not enough. You need to find something that would resonate to what your readers need.

7 Content Ideas to Use On Your Landing Pages

  1. Create an eBook opt-in – we all have used some form of ebooks or have read one using our Kindle or iPad. It has definitely revolutionized and changed our lives. When creating ebooks, it’s important to include free chapters or bonus sections in your download page or optin page. This will entice your readers to give their email address in exchange of the ebook that you are offering.
  2. Add courses inside your opt-in – another interesting offer and content idea for your landing pages is by offering an opt-in page for courses that you’ve created. The challenge for this type of content is to actually create your course. With today’s technology, it’s really not difficult to create your first video content. You can download a screen sharing software like Camtasia and start recording your course. Offer this course for Free on your landing page.
  3. Demo – everyone will be able to learn more if you show them a demo of how it’s used and done. Ever been to those grocery aisles and you found a crowd of people standing to listen to a full product demo of the ultimate nutrient extractor? Yes, that’s an example of content that you could add in your landing pages.
  4. Contests – Do you know someone who loves contests? If you think contests are great, you’re correct. When you run contests you entice people to take action. This is very useful in your lead generation campaigns, because with tools like Kingsumo, you could generate contests and run them on your website completely. Don’t ignore this marketing tactic and campaign.
  5. Cheatsheets – who doesn’t love cheatsheets. Their easily actionable, easily consumable, and they are so much fun to create. It will usually take you a few hours to create an ebook, but with a cheatsheet you can create them within a few minutes. I use cheatsheets all the time on my website.
  6. Email series – Have you tried creating a list of tutorials? In this email series, you could teach people to learn something. This can be easily achieved by breaking down each of your content into mini-components. By breaking your ideas down into mini and actionable items, you’ll help people understand your content a lot better.
  7. Podcasts – Do you have a free podcast that you’d like to launch? A free podcast can help you get more email subscribers for your campaigns because it’s another source of value for your readers.

In conclusion, by using one or more of these content ideas on your landing pages, you could increase your conversion and gain more email subscribers.